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Welcome to visit our factory and we are delighted to welcome You at our factory in Hung Yen Province.

​Currently, our factory is located 15 km from the capital Hanoi. Starting from a traditional village handicrafts and rattan with history perennial traditional. So, our possess the know-how to make the best quality products and the most reasonable prices to satisfies all the requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

Confident about our rattan products, so we want to expand our business outside the location of Vietnam. So we are looking for foreign partners to cooperate

Currently, we have 3 main factory in Hung Yen and many small supplier with more than 10 kinds of items such as:

1.Rattan raw material

2.Rattan core / Rattan round natural / white (cleaned)

3.Flat oval core natural / white (cleaned)

4.Peel rattan

5.Polish rattan

6. Rattan webbing / Rattan cover natural / white (cleaned)

7. Water rattan cover natural / white (cleaned)

8. Water rattan core / rattan round

9. & Rattan / Sand rattan (Dry, anti-termite, smooth)

10. Powder rattan (Dry, anti-termite, smooth) ....

​ I believe this tour will bring more useful to two sides.

Pls tell us, when do you go to visit our factory ? So we can welcome you in the best way.

Please contact us:

Mr.Huy : 0084.916.930070

Email: rattanvietnam79@gmail.com


Best regards!